Air conditioning systems work by absorbing heat from inside the room via the indoor unit and then rejecting this heat outside via the outdoor unit. The principle is very similar to how a domestic fridge operates. When air conditioning is in heating mode the system works in reverse absorbing heat from the outdoors and rejecting this heat in the room just the same as an air source heat pump.

Modern air conditioning systems are very economical to run. For every 1kW electricity used the air conditioning systems will provide approximately 3-4kW of heating or cooling. It is really hard to be exact on how much a unit will cost to run, as there are many varying factors such as size of the room, how well the room is insulated & energy prices. As a rough guide a small capacity unit can cost around 10 – 15p per hour to run.

Yes, all the units we sell will both heat and cool. Units which heat are refered to as heat pumps and are one of the most efficient ways to heat a room.

No, the indoor units are very quiet and can be as low as 19 dBA and outside unit noise is approx 46 dBA

Yes all air conditiong systems must have a outdoor unit.

Yes , TRS offers many types of air conditioning such as wall mounted units, floor mounted units and consealed systems in lofts. Please get in touch for a full survey for a bespoke solution.

Within a home environment, where a system is being used for cooling only, an annual service is recommended. However, if the system is being used to provide both heating and cooling within your space, we recommend a minimum of two services per year. For systems within commercial premises (for example, restaurants, shops or office spaces) we recommend a minimum of two services per year. For systems within higher-risk areas, such as computer/server rooms or clean rooms, we recommend a minimum of three services per year.For systems in locations where there are high levels of impurities within the air, such as workshops, gyms and salons, we also recommend a minimum of three services per year.