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The experienced team at TRS Cooling has attended to all types of air conditioning faults in the past making diagnosis and repair easier. The most common problems we resolve include:

  • Not heating or Cooling when it should.
  • Poor Airflow.
  • Fault codes displayed on controllers.
  • Leaking air conditioning.
  • No power to the system.
  • Strange noises such as screeching or knocking.

Resolve Air Conditioning Issues Efficiently!

Air conditioners can become complex over time, often requiring professional repairs. Trust skilled engineers to handle repairs efficiently and accurately.

Common faults like clogged filters blocked outlets, and leaking refrigerant hinder AC units. When called for a broken system, we diagnose issues meticulously, offering prompt small repairs or quotes for larger fixes, ensuring swift restoration of your AC.

Regular servicing is crucial for optimal performance. With periodic filter changes and thorough component inspections, prevent potential issues. Alongside repairs, our team provides reliable servicing and maintenance for air conditioners in Oxfordshire. Keep your system running smoothly with us!

Why Trust Us for Your Air Conditioning Repairs?

At TRS Cooling, we’re your local team of qualified professionals committed to AC repairs of any size. Our friendly staff are well-versed in the latest HVAC technology and stay updated on industry advancements.

Expect transparent and competitive quotes for air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installations. We offer free, no-obligation quotes for home, office, and industrial systems. Plus, when it’s time to upgrade or replace your AC system, count on us for tailored design and seamless fitting to meet your needs.