When your air conditioning stops working, it’s good to know there’s a reliable and friendly team nearby to repair it. We are available in the Oxfordshire area to fix air conditioning systems effectively.

Our staff are qualified, trained, and ready to carry out repairs on all makes and models of air conditioning. We are F-Gas qualified and have many years of experience.

Call us and book call out visit to repair your air conditioning in the home, office, shop, or commercial setting.

The experienced team at TRS Cooling has attended to all types of air conditioning faults in the past making diagnosis and repair easier. The most common problems we resolve include:

  • Warm air blowing from the air conditioning. This is probably the most common issue we see.
  • Fault codes displayed on controllers.
  • Leaking air conditioning.
  • No power to the system.
  • Strange noises such as screeching or knocking

Common air conditioning faults we repair

Air conditioners are fairly complex so most systems will need a repair at some time over the years. To make sure that repairs are done correctly and effectively, it’s best to get a professional air conditioning engineer to complete the work.

There are several reasons for most of these faults. Clogged filters, blocked outlets, leaking refrigerant, dirty condenser, and blocked drainage are just some of the things that stop a unit from working. When we are called about an air conditioning system that is broken, we check the components of the system to pinpoint the cause. Once we have diagnosed the issue, we carry out small repairs straight away or provide a quotation for larger repairs requiring parts to be ordered. We will get your air conditioning up and running in no time.

Regularly servicing your air conditioning will keep the system running better. With periodical filter changes and the inspection of components, you are less likely to experience problems. As well as repairs, our team also service and maintain air conditioners in Oxfordshire.

Why choose us to repair your air conditioning?

TRS Cooling is a local team of professionals based in Oxfordshire. Our staff are friendly, qualified, and available to repair air conditioning systems large and small. We embrace new technology and keep abreast of new products in the HVAC industry.

Our quotes for air conditioning repairs are transparent and competitive. We provide free, no-obligation quotes for repairs, maintenance, and installation for home, office, and industrial systems. And when the time comes to replace or upgrade your air conditioning system, we are happy to design and fit what you need.