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We install air conditioning systems for all kinds of properties. Depending on the size and use of the building, we recommend different types of air conditioning units. Whether it’s for the home, retail property, commercial building, or offices, the experienced team at TRS Cooling can advise and install the best type of unit for the circumstances.

Wall-mounted air conditioning units

Wall-mounted units are available in a range of capacities and looks. They are fitted with an outside condenser and can be made to fit most building types. As they are installed high on the wall, these units are out of the way and above people’s heads. Wall-mounted air conditioning units have remote controls to operate them as they cannot be easily reached.

Ceiling cassette air conditioning units

This type of unit is fitted into a suspended ceiling and for this reason, it’s most often seen in offices and commercial settings. The largest part of the unit is unseen as it sits above the suspended ceiling. The visible part is the vent grill.

Controlled air can be directed in 4 different ways for an even distribution for large spaces.

Under ceiling units

When there isn’t a suspended ceiling, the best air conditioner to fit is an under ceiling unit. These hang from the ceiling, so are also out of the way of people, but they are bulkier.

With nothing hidden from view, under ceiling units are less aesthetically pleasing but they are highly functional.

Ducted air conditioning units

Ducted air conditioning is installed where there is a ceiling void. These systems usually deliver controlled air via grilles place in the ceiling.

Duct systems can be very discreet as they are hidden away with just a grille on show in the room.

Floor mounted units

Floor-mounted air conditioners vary in size but are typically about the size of a small storage heater. They are easier to install but still require an outside section and pipework that connects both elements.

This style is ideal for smaller rooms reduced wall space such as conservatories or loft conversions in the home or compact office spaces.

Which air conditioning unit is the best?

We survey the property and the spaces that require air conditioning to establish the best units to install for each case. There may be more than one option and we are happy to explain the differences.

Our quotes for installing and designing air condition systems are transparent and we provide them without obligation. Let us guide you through the different air condition units – call for an appointment today.