Our Showroom

Our showroom has been created at our offices in Oxfordshire so you can take a close look at our products.

A wide range of different air conditioning units are on display for you to view. Some are fully operational so you can hear the noise levels when they running.

You can also see the external fittings to view how they look and also hear the noise level from outside.

Oxfordshire’s air conditioning showroom

At TRS Cooling we want you to make an informed choice about the air conditioning you are having installed. At our showroom, we have ceiling cassettes, wall-mounted units, and floor-mounted units on display so you can take a look before you buy.

Residential and commercial units on display

If you are having air conditioning fitted in a bedroom or living room at home, you will want to know what it looks and sounds like before it’s installed. In some situations, you may have a choice to make between systems. Visit the showroom to view the units up and running to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Do you want to understand how large or noisy air conditioning will be for your shop, offices, gym, or salon? A trip to our showroom will give you the information you need.

If you are in any doubt about what air conditioning will look and sound like in situ, visit our showroom to put your mind at ease.

Feel free to contact us about our showroom and arrange a visit.