TRS Air Conditioning

Take control of the ventilation, humidity, and temperature of your rooms with a quality air conditioning system. At TRS Cooling, we design and install the ideal system for your home or business premises. With the best air conditioning system installed by a professional team, you’ll really feel the difference.

Enjoy using your space in all seasons with air conditioning fitted by us.

How does air conditioning work?

Air conditioning is the process of cooling and dehumidifying the air inside a room. Air conditioning units work by drawing in warm air from the room over cold evaporator pipes which contain refrigerant. These cold pipes quickly absorb the heat, reducing the temperature of the air while removing the moisture. The heat is then rejected from the outdoor unit.

The benefits of installing air conditioning

Air conditioning areas where people live, work and relax have lots of benefits. When you weigh them all up, investing in a quality air conditioning system makes sense.


  • Time spent in an uncomfortable atmosphere is distracting. Whether it’s too hot, too cold or the humidity is high, it’s all you can think about. People are restless, irritable, and want to leave as soon as possible. That’s not good for personal relaxation, for employees or customers. Being able to control the environment with an air conditioning system will remove the unwanted distraction.
  • Better sleep is achieved when we are cool. One of the biggest tips for a good night’s sleep is to reduce the temperature in the bedroom.
  • Allergens are removed via the filters in air conditioners. That helps reduce asthma attacks thanks to the removal of dust mites, pollen, and mould particles.
  • The security of a building is increased when air conditioning is used rather than leaving windows and doors open.
  • Noise pollution is lowered too by having windows closed, especially helpful if your building is on a busy street.

Air conditioning for businesses

Air conditioning for offices, shops, restaurants, gyms, fitness studios, warehouses, and workshops is essential to create a comfortable atmosphere. Few businesses would not benefit from a professionally installed air conditioning system. Call us for a site survey and discussion on the right system for your commercial setting.

Air conditioning in my home

Air conditioning can be installed in the home as well as in commercial and industrial settings. In the UK, fitting air conditioning in bedrooms and living rooms has become more popular as we experience more regular heatwaves. Air conditioning in the home is a useful addition for loft conversions and conservatories where there is less insulation keeping the heat out in summer. Air conditioning can also provide heat when rooms are too cold. If you require heating in a room not connected to the central heating system, this could be the ideal solution.

The team at TRS Cooling has 60 years of combined experience in the air conditioning industry. We are F-Gas registered and Daikin Approved Fitters. We provide 7-year warranties when we install new units. Trust us to design and fit your new air conditioning system.