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TRS Air to Air Heat Pumps

Take control of the ventilation, humidity, and temperature of your rooms with a quality air conditioning system. At TRS Cooling, we design and install the ideal system for your home or business premises. With the best air conditioning system installed by a professional team, you’ll really feel the difference.

Enjoy using your space in all seasons with air conditioning fitted by us.

air source heat pump cooling cycle

How do Air to Air Heat Pumps work?

Air-to-air heat pumps work by harnessing the natural temperature differences between the outside and inside air to provide heating and cooling for buildings. During colder months, the system extracts heat from the outdoor air, even when it’s chilly, and uses a compressor to amplify that heat before distributing it indoors. Conversely, in hot weather, the heat pump can reverse its operation to remove indoor heat and expel it outside. This process is energy-efficient and cost-effective because it moves heat instead of generating it, making air-to-air heat pumps an environmentally friendly and versatile solution for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year.

The benefits of installing air conditioning

Air conditioning areas where people live, work and relax have lots of benefits. When you weigh them all up, investing in a quality air conditioning system makes sense.


  • Time spent in an uncomfortable atmosphere is distracting. Whether it’s too hot, too cold or the humidity is high, it’s all you can think about. People are restless, irritable, and want to leave as soon as possible. That’s not good for personal relaxation, for employees or customers. Being able to control the environment with an air conditioning system will remove the unwanted distraction.
  • Better sleep is achieved when we are cool. One of the biggest tips for a good night’s sleep is to reduce the temperature in the bedroom.
  • Allergens are removed via the filters in air conditioners. That helps reduce asthma attacks thanks to the removal of dust mites, pollen, and mould particles.
  • The security of a building is increased when air conditioning is used rather than leaving windows and doors open.
  • Noise pollution is lowered too by having windows closed, especially helpful if your building is on a busy street.

TRS Cooling Finance

We also offer flexible finance options, whether it’s an easy payment plan, or buy now and pay later, we offer a range of affordable payment options to suit your budget.

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