Being part of The TRS Maintenance club means you have a yearly service contract with us in which we help look after your AC equipment and keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

It will include a minimum of one visit each year to check, inspect and clean your unit/s. It includes all labour & consumable items associated with the service.

The number of visits a year will depend on the environment the equipment is being used in.

It also includes:

  • Discounted call out fees
  • Priority breakdown call out/cover
  • Discounted Labour rate on any repairs
  • Easy renewal options

Contract start date

Once you have received our welcome pack and chosen which service is right for you, we will confirm to you the date of which your contract starts.

This contract is for 12 months.

Paying for the service agreement

You can pay for your service contract monthly by direct debit or in one annual fee.

The price will not change over the period of your contract unless;

  • You change the preferred package (i.e. adding an additional Air Conditioning unit on to your plan)
  • The tax rate is changed by the government

You will be made aware of any changed before it happens.

If you miss any payments or cancel your Direct Debit with us, you will need to make sure any outstanding amounts due are paid, before we attend to service or repair your equipment.

Updating your details

If you need to change any of your contact details, then please let us know so we can update our system.

If you want to appoint an authorised contact for us to communicate with, other than yourself, then just let us know.

If you are moving house, let us know as soon as you can as the contract you have with us is based on the equipment within your current home. We can discuss various options with you of what to do next, if this is the case.

One of our friendly engineers will check, change and inspect (where necessary).

  • We carry out refrigerant leak checks on each system
  • Record leak checks against f-Gas log
  • All filters are cleaned
  • Unit facia cleaned
  • Fan blades and scrolls checked for free air flow
  • All evaporator coils and condensers checked for free airflow
  • Fan motor bearings are checked
  • Condensate pumps inspected, if installed
  • Mountings are looked at to confirm they are stable
  • Drainage is checked
  • Wiring connections inspected for wear or damage
  • Controls and thermostats are checked
  • Operation test of system with air on & off temperatures checked
  • Unit is labelled with unique asset number and an asset list is created for each site

You might wonder why regular Air Conditioning maintenance is required. After all, a visit from an engineer costs money. You can, in fact, save money by scheduling regular maintenance appointments to ensure a longer life for your units. Having at least one visit a year will maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on your equipment.

  • AC Systems last longer with regular maintenance, delaying the need for a replacement.
  • When the AC system is maintained, it runs more efficiently, reducing energy bills.
  • Faults are spotted early giving you time to plan repair work
  • Fewer unexpected breakdowns at inconvenient times
  • Less need for emergency call outs with a regularly checked system
  • You have greater peace of mind and less to worry about
  • Your business will meet the legal requirements set out in the f-gas regulations

For a service visit we allow up to 1 hour per unit – this does, again, depend on the type of environment the unit/s are located in.

If you do not have at least one maintenance service visit each year (dependant on environment), then your manufacturers warranty will be void. If you then find you need any repairs or parts replaced, this will be at full cost to you, the customer. You will not receive any of our discounted rates and will be required to pay the full prices.

Yes, we are more than happy to offer our services to cover equipment that was installed by someone else.

Please note that this will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

If any additional works are required to fix a fault that has been found, then will be sent via quotation to you.

We will send an autorenewal letter to you 1 month before your contract is due to end.

We will highlight any changes from your previous contract and also any price amendments that may have occurred. You then have 4 weeks to let us know if you wish to cancel.

If you are happy and want to continue with your Maintenance Contract then you don’t need to do anything as it will auto renew for you.

All of our contracts are fixed term for 12 months which means you can cancel your contract at any time before the  renewal. The cancellation will take effect when the contract period is over.

You have a cooling off period of 14 days at the start of your contract, which means you can cancel your contract immediately without any charges.

If you decide to cancel during the 14-day cooling off period then we will cancel your contract from that date. We will refund you for the amount you have already paid, providing we have not carried out any work under your contract.

If you cancel during the 14-day cooling off period and we have completed work during that time, you’ll be liable to pay a cancellation charge. You will never be asked to pay more than the total value of your contract.

If you cancel after the 14-day cooling off period we will cancel your contract with us but you will have to pay the remaining balance outstanding under the contract. For example, if you have 6 months left on your contract, you will need to pay an amount equivalent to 6 outstanding payments.

If you cancel you Direct Debit through your bank, it does not mean that it cancels your contract with us. If you stop you Direct Debit without telling us, we will contact you to arrange payment of the outstanding amounts. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll issue an invoice for the outstanding amounts due. Further information about Payments & Late payments can be found in our company Terms & Conditions.

Please also see our main Terms & Conditions for more information on our policies.

Entering into any contract with TRS Cooling Limited means you agree to our main company Terms & Conditions.