Air conditioning maintenance is vital to keep your system running efficiently. At TRS Cooling, we have a team of trained engineers ready in the Oxfordshire area to carry out air conditioning maintenance.

We are happy to work on residential, commercial, and industrial systems large and small. As an F-Gas qualified team, we have the qualifications and experience to maintain most makes of air conditioners. Call us to book a maintenance appointment today.

Why is air conditioning maintenance needed?

You might wonder why regular air conditioning maintenance is required. After all, a visit from an engineer costs money. You can, in fact, save money by scheduling regular maintenance appointments so it’s a false economy to put this off.

  • AC systems last longer with regular maintenance, delaying the need for a replacement
  • When the AC system is maintained it runs more efficiently, reducing energy bills
  • Faults are spotted early giving you time to plan repair work
  • Fewer unexpected breakdowns at inconvenient times
  • Less need for emergency call outs with a regularly checked system
  • You have greater peace of mind and less to worry about
  • Your business will meet the legal requirements set out in the f-Gas regulations

What does an air conditioning maintenance visit include?

What do our engineers do when they carry out maintenance on your air conditioning system? There is quite a list of things to check, change and inspect.

  • We carry out refrigerant leak checks on each system.
  • Record leak checks against f-Gas log
  • All filters are cleaned
  • Unit facia cleaned
  • Fan blades and scrolls checked for free air flow
  • All evaporator coils and condensers checked for free airflow
  • Fan motor bearings are checked
  • Condensate pumps inspected if installed
  • Mountings are looked at to confirm they are stable
  • Drainage is checked
  • Wiring connections inspected for wear or damage
  • Controls and thermostats are checked
  • Operation test of system with air on & off temperatures checked
  • Unit is labeled with unique asset number and an asset list is created for each site

We are thorough, and we provide a written report. As our team has many years of experience, we complete maintenance quickly and without fuss.

How often does air conditioning be serviced?

For the home AC system that is only used to cool in the warmer months, a yearly service is recommended. If, however, your home unit is used most days to heat and cool, a 6 monthly service is required.

In a commercial setting, such as a shop, restaurant, or office, a service every 6 months is the recommended regularity.

In business premises where there are computers/servers or clean rooms, three services a year are essential. In a setting where the impurities in the air are higher, such as workshops and gyms, three service visits are highly recommended.